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With over 40 years of total combined experience, we can help you! We offer On-Site Apple Mac Service, Training, Repair, Sales and Consulting… We Come To You*

In need of a new Mac? We are also an Apple Store Affiliates; we can help you pick and customize the right computer for you.

We offer services including:

On-Site Apple Mac Service

Corporate Service Calls

Looking for Mac IT support? Hire MacMyDay, Inc.

With MacMyDay, Inc., we will diagnose and get all your work stations running at maximum performance. We will also make sure you have a back-up solution for all your stations too. And we will work with your employees and get their tech questions answered. Have a Apple Macintosh server? At MacMyDay, Inc. we have the experience to work on your Mac severs and network issues. We will update and maintain your equipment with virtually no down time at all.

MacMyDay server rackWe also take care of hardware issues such as logic board replacement. CPU and GPU work. Laptop screen and glass replacement. Bigger internal storage (Flash, SSD and HD), liquid damage and more.

Need new equipment? At MacMyDay, Inc. we are authorized Apple Online Affiliates and help you get the right Mac for you. Even have it customized to your specific needs!


We do corporate service contracts for clients that have a need for scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly visits and priority service calls. Already have a IT department? Use MacMyDay, Inc. as a supplemental to your current Mac support on a per need basis.

On-Site Apple Mac Service

Residential Service Calls

Personalized in-house service for your Mac!

Is your Mac crashing? Slow? Need an upgrade, back-up solution or training? At MacMyDay, Inc. we are here to help!

We Come To You* at your home, apartment or office. We will diagnose your Mac and get your back up to speed. We will also help you with any hardware upgrades including new and bigger hard drives, back-up solutions and more memory (Ram). We can also help with your home network (wired and Wifi). We can also help with printer set-ups. We can also make sure you are properly backing-up your data, local and cloud based (see BackBlaze to the right).

We now have incorporated a tech bench and clean room, where our technicians can evaluate and take care of issues from bad logic boards, broken screens, liquid damage, data recovery etc.


Needing a new Mac? At MacMyDay we are Authorized Apple Online Affiliates and help you pick the right Mac for you. We can even have it customized to your needs. Click the ad below to get your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

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On-Site Apple Mac Service

More Services

Everything Mac!

We sell and support everything Mac related including New, Refurbished and Used Mac’s. We also sell hardware, software, displays, back-up’s drives, printers and more.

We do software and hardware troubleshooting. Malware/virus detection and removal. If a machine is running slower than normal, or just plain doesn’t want to start, we can probably fix it.

We can set up your home/office network (Wired and Wireless).

We also handle hardware issues: From broken laptop screens and glass, logic board replacement, new internal storage (SSD, Flash, HD) liquid damage and more.

General IT & preventative maintenance • Memory upgrades • System upgrades • Back-up solutions • Hard drive replacement • Hardware installation • Software installation • Software troubleshooting • Wired & wireless networking • Wireless music streaming with Air Tunes • Printers (wired and wireless) • Displays • Training (Click here to read more about training). • We also offer Remote Access support. And various other services.

At MacMyDay encourage not only using Apple’s Time Machine to hourly take a snapshots and back-up all of your irreplaceable data: documents, photos, music and movies with a local external back-up drive, but also having all of your data backed-up offsite to a Cloud based storage (In case of a Fire, Catastrophe or if Theft happens, all your data is stored off-site, on a protected and secured cloud storage solution).

We use and recommend using BackBlaze for Unlimited cloud based back-ups. This means, no matter what size your hard drive is (500GB, 1TB, 3TB, etc…) it makes no difference. Even if you have external hard drives connected to your Mac with data on them (except Time Machines), and as long as they’re mounted to your computer, they to will be backed-up to the BackBlaze cloud, all for $70 a year. Consider this like an insurance policy for your irreplaceable data, but kept offsite.

BackBlaze is easy to get and set up. Click this link:





At MacMyDay, Inc. we have different billing rates:
Standard hourly rate: (M-F standard business hours).
Overtime hourly rate: (M-F after standard business hours).
Premium Hourly rate: (Weekend, holiday, corporate rates).
Remote Access rate: (billed on quarter hour intervals)

Corporate and flat fee bids available.
Travel fees may apply.
*Evening and Weekend scheduling is based on our availability
Closed on certain holidays.

MacMyDay, Inc. is an Apple Online affiliate. Any purchases from the Apple Online ad (or any other ads on we will receive an affiliate percentage from Apple or any other advertiser. There is no extra cost to you. Thank you in advance for helping to support MacMyDay, Inc.

Payments due when services are rendered unless a previous agreement is made between the client and MacMyDay, Inc.

All client computers must be backed-up prior to MacMyDay, Inc. servicing them. If the computers are not backed-up, we reserve the right to back-up the clients computers prior work is started.

*Travel and other fees may apply.

We offer 60-day warranty on most hardware service.

MacMyDay, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.