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Back to School with a MacBook Air!

macbookAir2013_MacMyDayStarting at $899 the 11.6” MacBook Air weighs a mere 2.38lbs. Easily fits in a backpack and light enough to carry to all of your classes. If you want bigger, the 13” weighs in under 3lbs and is only $100 more. They are both powerful enough to get the job done and light enough to carry anywhere. Of course its customizeable for more memory (ram) and storage. We can help you decide, customize and order the right one for you!


Tune-Up time for your Mac

car_repair1Like your car, your computer needs service too… (You actually put more miles on your computer than your car)! Is your computer running a little slower than it used to? Your computer works overtime and needs periodic mainentance. Make sure you have your MacMyDay sevice tech keep your computer running at the peak of performance. Also remember that heat is the #1 enemy to all electronics. Make sure your back-up drive is functioning properly, so all of your important data, family pictures and your music is backed-up. If you’re not sure, call us immediately! Data recovery is available and expensive. But its avoidable with the proper back-up devices in place.

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